Frequently Asked Questions 

I've never done yoga before. What can I expect? 

Yoga is an incredible way to decrease stress, and increase peace, mobility, balance, focus, and overall wellbeing.  Abby teaches in a way that is gentle and invitational with many options for choosing what works well for your body. Abby teaches from a Christ-centered and trauma-informed perspective. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all and we can help you navigate your options. 

I'm not flexible. Can I still do yoga? 

Of course! Yoga is not just for flexible people. And in fact, many people who start a yoga practice will, over time, begin to notice increased flexibility.  Flexibility is a benefit for many who practice regularly. There will always be options for modifications of postures, and we always encourage you to practice in a way that feels right for your body.

IS yoga a religion?

The word yoga means "to yoke", or can be interpreted as "union". There are many facets to the practice of yoga beyond the typical "asana" (the postures that we most commonly associate yoga with in the west.) Abby most commonly practices "Hatha Yoga" which focuses on breath, movement through postures, and finding space and time to go inward, cultivating a deeper understanding of our body, soul, and the way we interact with the world. For us, yoga is not a religion, but a philosophy - a lifestyle - a way to connect more deeply in whatever way you desire to do that.  It's not necessary to surrender your own religious or spiritual beliefs to practice yoga. 

What are some of the benefits of yoga? 

There are numerous benefits of yoga to your body, mind, and soul! Not only does yoga help increase flexibility, balance, and strength, it can also help reduce stress, release tension, and even make you feel happier. There is even research coming out that connects the practice of yoga to the reduction of depression, anxiety, and various symptoms of trauma and PTSD. You can read about the research and additional benefits of yoga here.

I can't afford a typical custom yoga class. Do you have special pricing at all? 

We want anyone to be able to access the benefits of yoga, so we have a few scholarships available for people and you can learn more and apply for that here

Do you offer private yoga sessions? 

Yes! Private yoga sessions can be an incredible way to learn yoga or grow in your practice at your own pace and with one-on-one instruction.  Please get in touch here if you're interested in learning more about private sessions. 

Do you have special yoga classes for survivors of trauma? 

Yes, Abby is a social worker and is trained in trauma-informed yoga. There will be a number of classes that are trauma-informed and/or safe for people who are struggling with symptoms of trauma and/or PTSD. There will also be special workshop and class series specifically geared toward people struggling with trauma symptoms. You can learn more about our trauma-informed services here.