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Embodied practices for Healing + Wholeness

Reconnect with God and yourself. It’s time to flourish.

F L O U R I S H ...
:to become firmly planted. To be brought back to life. To become more and more aware of yourself (and your life) with gratitude and grace. To remember each moment that you were created by Love and for Love. To stand tall in the wisdom that you are a sacred being with a sacred purpose. To live with intention and to be amazed at how the overflow of your unique (flourishing) heart will bless the world.


When we’re not rooted and grounded in love, we struggle to find peace and our true meaning in life.

I’m here to help you Remember:

You are Light. You are Love. You are a Temple of the Spirit and there’s a beautiful plan for your life!

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You belong. You were made to FLOURISH! 

Enter into a sacred space, the inner landscape of your wild and beautiful heart, and find your healing there.
— Abby Mortenson

Connecting Body + Soul

you were made to flourish

This is the life-changing work of true healing. When we are more healed and whole, we are more able to bring love and hope to the people and world around us.

It is my mission to help people reconnect to God, rediscover themselves, and find healing in order to flourish.

Take a look around and please reach out if you’d like to connect. I’d love to journey with you.


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