Trauma Informed Yoga

"Yoga helped me stop feeling so disconnected from everything..."


Trauma-informed yoga is a term that refers to a type of yoga that is safe for survivors of trauma, PTSD, and/or secondary trauma to experience. Research shows the impactful benefits of yoga on the brain and body. Many individuals suffering from trauma-related symptoms have benefited greatly from the practice of yoga. Breath and movement have a key role to play in restoring health and wellness to your whole being. 

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Abby is social worker and yoga therapist-in-training. She offers Private Yoga Therapy Sessions for those who'd like some one-on-one time to get started (or keep going) on your healing journey. Kind and gentle guidance to address your specific struggles, needs, and goals. You can read more about yoga therapy sessions here.

Soon, there will be an a trauma-informed yoga for healing online course called Shalom Sessions! You’ll be able to do it from home at your own pace. You can read more about Shalom Sessions here. Check back here soon, stay in touch on instagram, or get notified when the online workshop goes live!


"I didn't know people like me could do yoga- I didn't think I had a place in a yoga changed that and showed me that people are just people. and all different kinds of people have struggles and heartbreak and fears and dreams because we are all just people after all..."