Intro to embodied healing and trauma-informed yoga (part 2)

Friday, DECember 28th 6:30-7:30pm // free

The impacts of trauma, grief, loss, and ongoing stress on people can be damaging to the body, mind, and spirit. Yoga and embodied practices such as breathwork, meditation, and healthy connections with others can offer a unique and effective approach to addressing these struggles. Research shows that traumatic stress is stored in the body. In order to address the complications of trauma and stress, the body needs to be incorporated in the healing practices. Yoga and embodied healing can be a resource for those seeking relief from anxiety, depression, PTSD and other symptoms of trauma.

This class, we’ll continue on from part one and go through what a trauma-informed yoga class might be like. Wear comfortable clothes and bring someone that might benefit from this informative session.

Abby Mortenson is a Master’s level Social Worker and certified yoga instructor with a specialty in trauma-informed yoga.

Past workshops:

Artist workshop: Botanical print-making 

Saturday, November 3rd 3-5pm //$25 ($20 for members)

Join Artists Sarah Gorss and Jen Lula-Richardson and learn the ancient technique of block printing! In this workshop create a design (or use one Sarah will provide) carve it out, and print it on a cotton tote, tea towels or go the more traditional route and print on paper. We will be focusing on simple flower designs (but welcome to explore a different direction!) This is also a great mommy and me workshop. Sarah's 9 year old daughter loves printing and carving!

We’ll provide all the materials you need to complete this project.

Tea towels, Tote bag / Paper
Use of all tools needed to complete craft
Project guide
Personalized instruction

Snacks and refreshments (plus wine for those 21+)!

*No special skills required.



Ayurveda Tea Making Workshop

Saturday nov. 10th 1-3pm // $20

With the help of Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, you ease yourself through the various seasons of the year, transitions, and stages life. Join Dulcie Pavuluri of Finding Center for this workshop where you'll learn about Ayurveda and make your own seasonally appropriate, organic tea blend and a wonderful rejuvenating traditional Ayurvedic drink for nighttime. As we build our teas you’ll learn how to transition from fall to winter to better care for your immune system through self care, nutrition and simple lifestyle tools. Find out why this 5000-year-old medicine is still practiced and how to incorporate it into your daily life while making warm, delicious teas!

*Price includes instruction and tea blends to take home and enjoy!


Women's Healing Circle

Monday, NOV. 26th 7-8pm // Free

“One of the things this society is most deficient in is safe spaces for truth-telling about the condition of our souls”

We will be meeting monthly for intentional time of cultivating more connection and wholeness in our lives. 

Read more about these Women's Healing Circles on the blog

It's helpful if you register here but you can also just show up! 


Expressive Art + Movement For Self Care

Sunday, October 14th 2-4pm // $20 ($10 for members)

This is the intro class to Expressive Art + Movement workshops that will be happening monthly at the studio! This month's theme is self-care, and this workshop is a two hour explorative class lead by Teryn. More info coming soon! 

It's helpful if you register here but you can also just show up! 



SHALOM SESSIONS: A Seven WEEK TRAUMA-INformed yoga series

Dates TBA / Please contact Abby here.

We’re all longing for SHALOM - peace, wholeness, a sense of belonging. The word Shalom comes from the Hebrew language and it means much more than our translation of “peace”. It’s a more holistic word, filled with hope and encompasses harmony, wholeness, wellness, peace, and connectedness (to self, God, and others). This is the basis for this work we'll be doing in this series.

This series is great for any woman who's been through a traumatic experience(s) that is affecting her life. It could be anywhere from a deep loss, infertility, emotional or sexual trauma, and really anything that you desire deep healing from. We will be going inward and upward, trying to find where God fits into all of this, and trying to find some peace and healing for these parts of us that need it. I'm a trained social worker and trauma-informed yoga teacher, and will be gently guiding you through this important work. The goal is to create a safe and sacred space for beautiful healing to begin to unfold. 

We will meet weekly for seven consecutive weeks. It will be $25/session or $175 for the whole series (which I highly recommend each person does, as each class will build on the previous session). When you take this in person, you will also get access to the online program (launching early summer) in which you can do at home anytime you want. You'll also get access to the "Shalom Sisterhood' secret group where you can connect with other sisters who've gone through this program. (with special pricing for members!)


-Healing Through Grief Workshop: 

A safe + sacred space for those of all walks of life who've experienced grief and loss. A place to connect to God's heart in body + soul and work through some grief in creative and healing ways. We'll integrate breath, movement, creative expression, and connection to cultivate healing through our whole body and soul.  (Dates TBA) 



-The Sacred + The Soul: A Women's Weekend Retreat in the beautiful northeast 






A lavish and grounding experience of embodiment incorporating all of the senses. We'll enjoy centering breath + movement, creative writing, floral design and a mini portrait session all themed around reminding us of the truth and beauty that lie within us and in the clay around us - always available. // $55 includes yoga class, grounding essential oils, writing/creative guidance, yummy treats, and a deeper connection to self and others. You'll also receive a few beautiful portraits of yourself from our time together. 

Somewhere in the Hudson Valley. Details coming soon. 🌙