your teacher


I couldn’t be more honored to do this work with you. i'm a social worker and yoga teacher that specializes in trauma-informed yoga and creative healing. 

We live in a world where noise and busyness keep us disconnected from our own souls. 

my hope is to guide you back to yourself. To guide you back to a deep love and understanding of your own journey. I care about your heart and I long for healing for all. 

If you're interested in yoga and want me to create a custom yoga practice for you, go here. 

If you want to join me for a local class or retreat, i can't wait to meet you! 

If you want to hire me to come lead a healing class for your group or work, i'd be honored. 



Your custom yoga practice 

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Local classes and workshops

Hudson Valley friends. Whether it's Peaceful + Playful Yoga or Women's Healing Circles, you're welcome to join me in person! Check out my list of current offerings here. 


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free resources for your healing journey

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