Dust and Breath and Made in God's Image

When we can go back to the very foundation of who we are- beloved of God- we can come with strength to the vulnerable places.

— Henri Nouwen
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Dust and Breath...

You are made from dust of the earth and breath of the Divine.

God made you in a body in his own image.

God, the Wonderous, Mysterious, All-Loving One formed you and called you very good.

You are wonderfully made. 

No matter where you stand about the interpretation of the creation story, there's a gorgeous message in it for all of us. I'm wanting to remind myself and you - of the beauty and mystery of your belovedness. 

I want us to remember

I truly believe we are made in the image of the DIVINE. At our root places, we are made by LOVE, for LOVE, and when we forget, we end up feeling as though we are lacking. I want to see more of us living out of that truth that we are divine, we are love, we are daily invited into relationship with God.

So, I have a challenge for myself. Would you like to join in?

Would you challenge yourself to remember with each new morning this month that you are wonderfully made. That you are very good. That God delights in YOU.  And if that's true for you, how might you interact with yourself and others differently? How might that change your day? Your month? Your life?

I invite you to take two minutes each morning this month to breathe fully and deeply and repeat one of these phrases above to yourself as a meditation- a prayer. For example, "I am made from breath of the Divine." 

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May you sink
the roots of your soul
deep and deeper still
into the love of God,
who encompasses you and encircles you
without beginning, without end.

-Jan L. Richardson

Abby Mortenson