Flourish Body + Soul

Embodied practices for Healing + Wholeness

We offer a safe + inviting space for yoga, wellness, healing + belonging.  A unique blend of

 Yoga Studio + Community Offerings

We are located at 35 Front Street Port Jervis, NY




Being human means to search for belonging. Oftentimes grief, trauma, and the stress of life can make us feel like an outsider. It can sometimes cut us off from the land of the living and create isolation. Flourish Body + Soul can be a beacon of light and a reminder that you are not alone, that healing is possible, and that you, too, can flourish again. We offer monthly healing circles for women, as well as trauma-informed groups and individual sessions. Contact us to learn more.

I used to feel that I didn’t “belong”. At the retreat, I felt able to just be seen for who I am in that moment, to get to do amazing yoga and be around other women- all without struggling to figure out which mask to wear so I can pretend I fit it....I just felt at ease...

— -A Workshop Attendee 

Connecting Body + Soul

you were made to flourish

This is the life-changing work of true healing. When we are more healed and whole, we are more able to bring love and hope to the people and world around us. It is my mission to help people heal and flourish. I'm Abby, your yoga instructor and owner of Flourish Body + Soul. You can read more about me here.


When you attend a class at Flourish Body + Soul, you are in-turn, making it possible for individuals in need of healing to attend a healing yoga class or workshop.

Your participation matters.

When you take care of yourself, you also take care of others!

This is what community is about. This is what Love is about. 

"I've never felt so connected to my body."

-A student in one of Abby's trauma-sensitive yoga classes 

“It was so nourishing...using our movement and stillness, creativity and community all as an expression of our trust and openness to God was so healing”.      

-A Retreat Attendee

"Trauma sensitive yoga can help people befriend their bodies. Yoga involves creating a more tolerant, gentle approach to connecting with the body. It teaches people to move away from shutting down the body's reactions, or pushing the body to go beyond what it is able to tolerate; instead, it teaches people to connect with their bodies with an optimal 'window of tolerance'." 

-Emerson and Hopper 'Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga"

Learn more about Abby's work with trauma-informed yoga here